Jenny reviews SAX Rich Lip Colour Lipstick in Classic Red

Hi Everyone,

We are very happy to welcome back the gorgeous Jenny Ma to guest blog for SAX once agaian. This time it’s all about treating your pout & her new obsession – SAX Rich Lip Colour Lipstick in Classic Red.

Read on to see what Jenny thinks!

Smitten by a Classic!

Everyone needs a great red lipstick. Move over all the nudes, there isn’t a better way to brighten up a dreary winter outfit with a lick of red on your kissers.

Now the SAX team know my uncanny obsession with red. I’ve been testing out SAX’s Rich Lip Colour Lipstick in Classic Red, and boy am I smitten.

Jenny Ma & SAX Rich Lip Colour Lipstick in Classic Red

Jenny Ma & SAX Rich Lip Colour Lipstick in Classic Red

The name dutifully implies the perfect shade of red – not too orange, not too brown and, dare I say, the neutral fire-engine red that complements all skin tones. Now, I have quite a yellow based, sallow skin tone, yet this lipstick immediately brightens up my complexion. Please see the evidence in pictures below.

Jenny Ma showing us her pearly whites!

Jenny Ma showing her pearly whites!

Love love! I’ve also included a photo with my chompers showing. This gorgeous shade of red actually makes my teeth look brighter and whiter. Double win! Yes, it pretty much means that you can stop brushing your teeth and just buy SAX’s Classic Red lipstick instead ;). At this rate, we’ll be watching Colgate go into voluntary administration.

I love the smooth, moisturising texture of the lipstick and the high pigmentation screams ‘luxe for less’. And the packaging, oh I nearly died. The classic black square case (no more rolling off the counter) reveals the lipstick with a gentle push on the bottom of the cap. With one click, lipstick slides out… innovative, much? It’s classically elegant packaging for a classic red lipstick.

SAX Rich Lip Colour Lipstick in Classic Red

SAX Rich Lip Colour Lipstick in Classic Red

And did I mention the price? Just $14.95 at selected pharmacies. My favourite haunt for SAX Cosmetics is Terry White Pharmacy.  Yes, I’m certain you can snag yourself this baby with the loose change floating in the bottom your handbag.

Jenny x

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