Butterfliielilian Reviews SAX Natural Eyes Make-up Kit

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We are so excited to join the blogosphere! We’re looking forward to sharing with you our love of makeup, tips, trends and style inspirations and hearing from you what you love!

Recently we held a competition to find a guest blogger to appear on our blog. The entries were so good that we had two winners! The first winner is a blogger you may already know and is a favourite of ours, Lilian Tahmasian! Best known by her blogging name, Butterfliielilian, she created the below post for us to share with you. Enjoy! xx



Good Morning Beauties!

I woke up at 3:30am, to be extra productive today; I must say I enjoy the early morning time period as it’s quiet, relaxing and refreshing.

I sit here with my coffee on one side and oats on the other; excited to share with you all my new find!

First, I’d like to thank the beautiful people at SAX Cosmetics for choosing me as one of their winners for “Guest Blogger”. It’s an absolute honour to be able to blog for a company that I have adored for a while now and use their products regardless.

If you have watched any of my past videos, you’d know by now that the appearance of the SAX Brow Kit is quite frequent. Although I am proud to announce another kit to join my family of SAX!

For these past 2 weeks I have been wearing the SAX Natural Eyes Makeup Kit. As I tend to wear a lot of neutral tones and browns on my eyes, I must say I thought I had enough brown palette makeup-kits. Although this simple using kit, got me thinking otherwise.

For an affordable $14.95, the set contains 4 contrasting shadows, a longwearing liquid eyeliner, mascara and brush/sponge applicator.
What I liked most about the kit was that it was so user friendly and easy to understand. Each shadow comes with a number and on the left hand side of the palette, you are able to see each step simply shown.

The colours are pigmented and sheer, which I adore. You can either create a darkened brown smoky look, or a completely natural one. You’re go!

Below are a few images of me wearing the kit on various occasions. You can clearly tell my “tad obsession”, as its only been 2 weeks of me owning it.

Leave a comment if you have ever tried this kit!

If not, it’s a great “first time” natural palette to have 🙂

Until next time…

Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x