SAX Cosmetics is an Australian family business founded by Paule and Morry Wrobel in 1995.

The name “SAX” was inspired by Paule Wrobel’s love of the saxophone and how the saxophone reflects the relationship between art and music.

Paule Wrobel was, for many years, the owner and director of Realities, a leading Australian art gallery. Morry Wrobel is a chemist with over 50 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. Paule and Morry had a vision to utilise their respective backgrounds to create an Australian cosmetic brand that was unique, outstanding in quality, beautifully presented and affordable. SAX Cosmetics was born.

SAX Cosmetics are designed to enhance every girl’s natural beauty. All woman are beautiful!

SAX Cosmetics are a premium collection of modern and easy to use cosmetics designed in stunning timeless hues. SAX Cosmetics are formulated with nurturing ingredients and premium textures.

SAX Cosmetics is the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s preferred cosmetic brand. This endorsement recognises that SAX Cosmetics are beautiful, outstanding quality and affordable to customers.

In addition to our core range of eye, face and lip products, the range now includes body products and gift lines.

We are very proud of the SAX range and are confident that you will love our products.

Visit www.saxcosmetics.com for your local SAX Cosmetics stockists.


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